OACS Ireland & Epilepsy Ireland on our Campaign for an Independent Inquiry (Epilim) Sodium Valproate in Ireland

Today marks one week since the publication of the  ‘First Do No Harm’ report in the UK. In the wake of the report and it’s findings, OACS Ireland alongside our colleagues in Epilepsy Ireland called for an independent inquiry to be established in Ireland immediately so that families affected by Sodium Valproate (Epilim) could get answers to the questions the families impacted had for decades; answers that they richly deserve.

On the foot of the first week release of the publication of the #FirstDoNoHarm report if you do one thing today, please take time out to listen to this interview from Epilepsy Ireland & OACS Ireland on our & campaign for an Independent Inquiry regarding Sodium Valproate (Epilim) in Ireland. With Louise Sexton a mother from Sligo a member of OACS Ireland and Patrick Mc Geoghegan Communications Officer Epilepsy Ireland on Ocean FM. See link: https://bit.ly/31HsvZi

OACS Ireland and Epilepsy Ireland have done many interviews in radio of late we want to send our ongoing thanks to all that participate in said interviews. If you were on Epilim (Valproate) while pregnant please contact OACS Ireland and /or Epilepsy Ireland we will be happy to help.

Please do not stop taking your medication without speaking to your Healthcare Professional. 

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