Today it is National Epilepsy Week #AdvocateForEpilepsy

Today is the first day of National Epilepsy Week. We are joining with our colleagues in Epilepsy Ireland to #AdvocateForEpilepsy, and specifically, we will be focussing on our ongoing campaign surrounding Sodium Valproate(Epilim).

Throughout the week, we will be focussing on the various aspects of what families affected need and why to raise public awareness of this issue and gain further support.  Please like and share!

Today we are focussing on the need for an inquiry to be established as soon as possible. Families impacted by Sodium Valproate need this inquiry to get the answers to their many questions – questions which they have had for decades. Why was this allowed to happen? Why wasn’t I told? Who knew what and when?

Please support families affected and #AdvocateForEpilepsy by asking your local TD to support the establishment of an inquiry as soon as possible.

Today actually marks 7 months since we received confirmation from the Minister for Health that an inquiry into the historical licensing and prescribing of Sodium Valproate (Epilim) would be established. Unfortunately, 7 months have passed, and we are still no further forward on the make-up of this proposed inquiry. We have waited long enough and while cognisant of the current situation, we need to see this inquiry established so we can all finally get the answers to the many questions we all have.

Our colleagues in Epilepsy Ireland have a ready-made letter on their website which you can use as a template – see link below for more.

Thank you for your support.