The HPRA #MedSafetyWeek RE-COVID-19

This year’s, annual #MedSafetyWeek the HPRA global social media campaign which stakeholders have been asked to support on social media throughout this week-long campaign from 1- 7 November 2021 is all about COVID-19 vaccines side effects (Adverse Drug Reactions).

#MedSafetyWeek is an annual social media campaign designed to raise awareness of the importance of reporting side effects from medicines. This year, the campaign will focus on the importance of reporting side effects from all vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines. Most of us will not experience any problems following vaccination. As with all medicines, side effects can happen. Side effects are not experienced by everyone, and the majority of side effects are mild or moderate. Regulators such as the HPRA rely on the reporting of suspected side effects to monitor the safety of vaccines.

The #MedSafetyWeek campaign is a global initiative led by the Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) – the World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre for International Drug Monitoring. 64 medicine regulatory authorities across the world, including the HPRA, will take part.

Please feel free to share across social media platforms:

The HPRA are asking stakeholders to support the important public health message of the campaign by sharing the key messages and visuals as appropriate during the week of 1-7 November.

The campaign primarily consists of three videos, which aim to:

  1. Video #1 – Encourages members of the public to report side effects 
  2. Video #2 – Encourages healthcare professionals to report side effects
  3. Video #3 – Outlines what happens to side effect reports and why it’s important to report to us

Throughout the week, the HPRA will share these animations on our TwitterLinkedIn and Instagram accounts. The HPRA would very much appreciate it if ALL could visit there accounts during the campaign and support them by sharing and engaging with the posts.

Please feel free to share the materials on your social media accounts

You are also welcome, to share the three animations on your own accounts. The video files are available to view and download from our website. This webpage also contains links to social media graphics and helpful information for sharing the information.