The eighth annual #MedSafetyWeek

This years #MedSafetyWeek – is an annual global campaign which aims to highlight the importance of reporting suspected side effects and safety issues resulting from a person’s medication.

The Health Products Regulatory Authority are seeking support for the eighth annual #MedSafetyWeek campaign, a global social media campaign that we are taking part in from 6- 12 November 2023. #MedSafetyWeek is an annual social media campaign designed to raise awareness of the importance of reporting side effects from medicines. It is a global initiative led by the Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) – the World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre for International Drug Monitoring.

Medicines regulators and other organisations from 88 countries will take part in the 2023 campaign.

Key messages of the 2023 campaign – who can report side effects.

This year, the theme of #MedSafetyWeek focuses on who can report side effects and how patients, doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals can contribute to monitoring the safety of medicines.

Side effects from medicines can happen anywhere and at any time. Patients should always speak to their healthcare professionals about any suspected side effects they may experience. They can advise on how to manage side effects and report it for you. You can also report suspected side effects directly to the HPRA:

Every report helps to make medicines safer for patients worldwide.

The social media campaign is based primarily on three videos with the following key messages:

Video #1  #1 –    Side effects can happen anywhere. 

Video #2  #2 –    Side effects can happen at any time.

Video #3  #3 –    Side effects can be unexpected.

We would encourage all people to report side effects from your medications, if you are experiencing them. Reports about side effects can be sent to the HPRA in multiple ways:

By visiting the HPRA website and filling out the online form

By visiting the HPRA website and downloading a copy of the adverse reaction report, completing and emailing to

By visiting the HPRA website and printing the adverse reaction report form  and posting a completed copy to the HPRA to Freepost, Pharmacovigilance Section, Health Products Regulatory Authority, Earlsfort Centre, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2, D02 XP77.

Phone: The HPRA –  (01) 676 4971.