(OACS Ireland) Our thanks to The Saturday Hospital Fund

OACS Ireland want, to express our deepest thanks for the support off the Hospital Saturday Fund donation to Organisation for Anticonvulsant Syndromes Ireland.

The Saturday Hospital Fund has been a generous donor who provided OACS Ireland with the financial and moral support and funding needed to continue our mission for families impacted by Epilim, (Sodium Valproate).

The Hospital Saturday Fund has faithfully given financial contributions over the years, which has demonstrated a deep commitment to our work. Their support has repeatedly played a key role in our success in accomplishing a list of goals for our organisation.

There is no way to fully express our gratitude to the Hospital Saturday Fund. We at Organisation Anticonvulsant Syndromes are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of said donors.

OACS Ireland want to state a very big thanks, for the generosity of the Saturday Hospital Fund.

With great thanks                                                                                                         OACS Ireland Board.