OACS Ireland is very proud to showcase the “amazing work with Lego Technic” that has been completed while staying home due to Coronavirus. We find that some of our children are very creative with Lego Technic as they grow. This helps the children’s well-being and development. We find ourselves in an extraordinary difficult times but together we can support each other, be inspired, be safe and learn through play and creativity. OACS Ireland are now presenting some remarkable work on Lego Technic that some of our children have accomplished while staying in-doors due to the Coronavirus.




         Please leave a comment and show your support for the above “excellent work” that has been accomplished while staying in doors due to Covid 19.


Stay at Home

Stay Safe

OACS Ireland 




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  1. T Byrne on April 3, 2020 at 8:45 am

    Wonderful work. Well done guys ❤️ LEGO has kept every generation occupied. This is amazing you can be proud.