Covid – 19 – Update OACS Ireland

All remaining counties to join Donegal and Dublin on Level 3 under Ireland’s Plan for Living with COVID-19…/f3d24-all-remaining-counties-to-join…/

The government has decided that, from midnight last night the 6th October, all remaining counties will be placed on Level 3 under the Plan for Living with COVID-19.

This action is based on a review of the current public health advice and is in response to the deteriorating situation with the virus across the country.

All counties will be at Level 3 for a period of 3 weeks until midnight on 27th October 2020, at which point the situation will be reviewed by the government, based on the status of the virus and public health advice.

In addition, in recognising that Level 3 is being extended in Dublin and Donegal beyond the three-week period, businesses in these counties will be eligible for a further 20% and 10% top-up respectively.

Placing all counties at Level 3 has the following implications:

We find the following recommendation under level 3 unfair and unjust for families with children and/or adults in residential care. 

Visits to long term residential care facilities are suspended, with the exception of visits required for critical and compassionate circumstances.

If we wait on the visits required for critical and compassionate circumstances, we will definitely never be able to see our children. Do we have to wait to our child and/or adults in residential is on their death bed before we can see them. This “MUST” change !

Please remember their is NO Safe dose of Epilim (Sodium Valproate) in pregnancy.