#BUDGET2024, OACS Ireland and the Victims of EPILIM (Sodium Valproate) Scandal

OACS Ireland Statement Date: 11th October 2023

Although some measures of Budget 2024 are welcomed, we are frustrated to see that Minister Donohue again has failed to provide an adequate level of means and allowances by which the most vulnerable in our society can maintain a comfortable standard of living. For too long, now our members and their families have had to seek assistance through other avenues. OACS Ireland continuously advocate for our members and their families with the Department of Health, highlighting the absolute need for a full Disability Pathway, Educational Supports, GMS Cards before the Inquiry into Epilim (Sodium Valproate).  

In 2018 it was noted by the Joint Health Committee of Foetal Anticonvulsant Syndrome that individuals with FACS are not affected by chance but by the failure to adequately inform and counsel women who were prescribed valproate medicines.’

Following that brief statement, the Committee emphasised that a – ‘Further examination is required to establish liability but regardless of the causes, the Committee is of the opinion that the State has responsibility to assist all those affected by FACS.’ 

OACS Ireland would like to know, has a budget been set aside for the Inquiry into the licensing and historical use of EPILIM (Sodium Valproate) announced by Minister Stephen Donnelly in November 2020.

Our families deserve much more than what we heard today in Dail Eireann. Our children were harmed because their mothers were given NO CHOICE and NO INFORMATION.  The Government would do well to put in place all the necessary measures promised in 2018 to attempt to make the lives of those harmed, some catastrophically, more comfortable and dignified.

All harm done by Epilim (sodium valproate) to Irish children was foreseeable, preventable, reportable now families want the State to be answerable. OACS Ireland are now publicly requesting a meeting with An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar to discuss our members outstanding concerns.

Once again we would like to give our thanks to Deputy Rose Conway – Walsh and her party who continuously raises the Valproate Scandal whilst OACS Ireland and their members waits for the Inquiry to commence . Link:

At a glance: Here are the key points from Budget 2024 (rte.ie)